Our History

The history of churches in Unicoi County dates back to the year 1786. The first recorded history of a church was taken from the minutes of the Holston Baptist Association which was first organized in October 1786. Records indicate that some churches were organized and functioning at that time.

      The Holston Association of Baptists was organized and met in October 1786 at the Cherokee Baptist meeting house, five miles south of Jonesboro in Washington County, North Carolina. This is the first organized convention in what is now Tennessee. The Association was composed of seven churches, one of which was known as Greasy Cove Baptist Church, located in the valley known as Greasy Cove. This valley extended from the Red Banks of the Nolichucky River to the head of Big Lane (now called Unicoi). This church was listed in the minutes of the Holston Association in October 1790 with a membership of 14.

     From gathered evidence, members from this church organized another church June 29, 1822 with 25 members. Membership of this church into the Holston Association was granted in August 1822. It is believed that members of Greasy Cove Church helped to build this new church which was named Indian Creek Baptist Church. It was a 30 x 40 log building located at Indian Creek near C.C.& O. Railroad Depot. When Unicoi County was organized, the first County Court met in this building on the first Monday in January, 1876 and continued to meet there until the court house was built.

     Prior to this, in March 1852, 14 members from Indian Creek Baptist Church were granted letters for the purpose of organizing a new Baptist Church at Shallow Ford, about 8 miles from Indian Creek Church beyond the river. In January1876 a great revival was held. Many people came from miles around to attend the revival. Soon thereafter, a Sunday School was organized with G.W. N. Brown serving as Superintendent; a position he held for 20 years.